Opinionated actor Anthony Wong recently criticised the 2015 Miss Chinese International Pageant held last Sunday for what he deemed as lacking in class and elegance.

According to Oriental Daily News, the actor recently turned to Facebook to rant about the pageant, saying, “Why was there so much smoke on the stage? Was there a fire?”

He also nitpicked on the contestants, saying, “Why did the girls touch themselves as they were dancing? Are we choosing hostesses at a cabaret club?”
When asked to explain himself later on during a telephone interview, the actor said, “I just don’t think it was appropriate for these young girls to touch themselves while they were dancing.”
“Shouldn’t we pick girls who are elegant and dignified? The whole thing was a joke!”
This is not the first time the actor had something to say about a television programme. Previously, Anthony criticised singers who performed live at the Metro Radio Hits Awards for singing off-key.
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