Dubai-based Middle East Development plans to work on a new project by building the highest mixed-use skyscraper in Africa. It will be named as Al Noor Tower, which also means the Tower of Light.

We all love “The Lord of The Rings.” At least most of us do and if you fall into that group you will probably feel that the designers are trying to build the ‘Eye of Sauron’.

It is estimated that it will cost approximately 800 million Euros to build the building. The architects noted that the top of the Al Noor Tower resembles an eye from the top view. We think it looks a lot similar to Sauron’s Barad-dûr tower in Mordor, and all that is missing is the huge ‘Eye’ that is rimmed with fire.


Al Noor Tower is a project by Sheikh Tarek M that is designed to rise up to 540m, 10 metres for each of the 54 countries in Africa according to the project’s website. It is also twice the height of the Johannesburg-based Carlton Centre (223m), Africa’s current tallest building which was previously built in 1973.

The project is set that Al Noor Tower will be based in Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city. Sheikh Tarek M designed the building to have a total of 114 storeys which includes a 7-star luxury hotel, business centre and conference halls, a luxury shopping area, restaurants and more.

All of those 114 storeys represent the number of chapters that exists in the Quran. The exterior design as well will be covered with patterned façade that resembles the 1,000 different kinds of languages in Africa.

“Our goal is to start the soil testing in June 2015,” said Amedee Santalo, the Project Manager. “Then the engineering studies will take another few months (six to nine) and the construction should take two and a half to three years maximum to be completed.”

According to data from Emporis building directory, with Al Noor Tower being 540m tall, it will be ranked as the fifth tallest building in the world in between Taipei 101(501m) and One World Trade Center(541m).

(Photos source: miferfiak.hu)