Chinese Odyssey2002 Zhao Wei Faye Wong
Chinese actress Zhao Wei has recently dismissed rumours saying that she has been helping good friend Faye Wong prepare for her wedding with Nicholas Tse.

According to Tencent Entertainment, it was previously rumoured that the couple has decided to tie the knot and has seek out help from Zhao Wei to plan for the wedding.

Zhao, who was allegedly the person who reunited the former couple, reportedly has not only been urging them to get married, but has also pulled some string so that the couple gets to say “I do” at a French chateau.
However, when asked to address the rumours, Zhao Wei’s manager, Miss Hu stated, “No matter how good their friendship is, such things [as marriage] is personal. There is no such thing as ‘pulling a string’, and she was not a matchmaker to begin with.”
In regard to the chateau wedding, Miss Hu stated, “This is basically an imaginative story worthy of a screenwriter or a novelist!”