Though Hong Kong director Patrick Kong planned to cast the whole team of TVB’s “Come On, Cousin” for his new comedy movie, “Without Women Inspector”, it was reported that Wong Cho Lam’s asking price might be hindering production.

According to Oriental Daily News, Wong, who has worked with Patrick in several films including “Short of Love” and “Delete My Love”, reportedly demanded HKD 3 million (approximately USD 386,839) to be featured in the film – an amount too big for the production company to agree on, seeing that the movie is only targeted at the Hong Kong market and will not generate multi-million revenue.

Speaking to the media recently, Patrick confirmed the news, saying that they are still negotiating the price with Wong.
Expressing his hopes that Wong would accept his offer, Patrick stated, “I will not give up. I am not asking him to make a cameo. It’s a substantial role made for him.”
The director also expressed his refusal to replace the comedy man with another actor, saying that Wong is irreplaceable and that the role is tailor-made for him. 
However, Patrick stressed that there is no conflict between him and the actor, and that Wong is not a money-digging star.
“He has voluntarily helped a lot of new directors review their script before,” said Wong. 
(Photo source: eegmusic.com)