Though Raymond Lam, who was absent from the TVB Anniversary Awards recently, did not win any individual award at the ceremony, “Line Walker” producer Wen Wei Hong stated that he will always think of Raymond as the winner.

According to On CC News, Wen, who was overjoyed that “Line Walker” became the biggest winner, with five awards including Best Drama, stated, “In my heart, Raymond’s performance is TV King’s standard.”

“But we need to respect the rules of the competition,” he added.
In regard to the series winning Best Drama, Wen stated that he was surprised when the presenter, actor Chung King Fai, stated that the best drama winner’s title has three characters, which also prompted Kristal Tin and Roger Kwok to get up, thinking that he meant their series, “Black Heart White Soul” (the Chinese title: “Chong Kan Yan”).
“I felt like he was teasing me. But then I felt relieved when he announced “Line Walker” as the winner,” he said gleefully.
On the subject of a sequel, Wen stated that they are already planning for one.
(Photo source: dramanewsnetwork.com)