Rumour has it that TVB has made changes to its drama line-up to give way to Fan Bingbing’s new period drama, “The Empress of China” (also known as “Wu Zetian”).

According to a report on Asian Universe, though the company has originally set Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung’s period drama “Noblesse Oblige” to air after Wayne Lai’s “Overachievers”, it decided to delay the series’ broadcast and changed it to Joey Meng’s “Officer Geomancer” instead.

This, it was reported, was to avoid airing a lot of ancient dramas back to back, as the company plans to broadcast “The Empress of China” in February next year, after successfully buying its broadcasting rights.
It was reported that TVB has paid a hefty amount of money for the rights and will be giving a lot of attention and effort to promote it in Hong Kong.
“The Empress of China” is produced by Fan Bingbing’s own production studio, and tells the story of the Empress Wu Zetian who ruled under the Zhou Dynasty from 692 to 705 CE.
Aside from Fan herself, the drama also stars Aarif Lee, Zhang Fengyi, Janine Chang, Kathy Chow, and Li Chen.