TVB actress Sire Ma has recently turned to the police for help after receiving numerous threats and sexual harassments online.

According to On CC News, the actress recently posted an announcement on her Weibo account, saying, “These past few days, I have been receiving a lot of online threats and harassments from several Weibo accounts.”

“Though I have tried to ignore it, eventually, I had to take action as it has affected other people as well. I have reported the case to the police and will have my lawyer follow up on the issue,” the actress continued.
In some of the threats that were screen-captured by the actress, one indicated that they will create more dirty dialogues and upload more photos of her unless she retires from showbiz, while another said that fans who are still supporting her will be receiving threats as well.
Meanwhile, fans of the actress had since replied to her message, saying that they will continue to support her in spite of the threats.
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