Controversial Malaysian sex blogger Alvin Tan, who is also an on-the-run criminal from the law has had his passport revoked by the Malaysian Home Ministry as he allegedly condemned the Sultan of Selangor for stripping Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of his ‘Datuk’ title.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi claimed that the minister is allowed to do so under the Immigration Act as the passport is not an individual property but a state property, The Malaysian Insider reports.

Tan who is currently in Los Angeles, California commented on his Facebook page in response to Zahid’s earlier claims, “Don’t just threaten. Just do it. Don’t be (a) coward!”

Due to his insensitive remarks towards the Malaysian rulers and the UMNO party, Director-general of Immigration Datuk Mustafa Ibrahim said that they can no longer bear his rude actions, “We will not tolerate any individual who insults the judiciary and Malay rulers.”

Tan and his ex-girlfirend Vivian Lee are currently facing charges under Malaysia’s Sedition Act and the Film Censorship Act for their controversial online posts which also includes the infamous Bak Kut Teh post made by the duo during the Ramadhan period.

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“Breaking fast, we were insulted with the dish pork. If that person (Alvin Tan) dares to do it, why run away? Why hide? (He) should come forward and face the music,” said Zahid during his talk on Sedition Act yesterday.

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