While Gong Li’s camp slammed the Golden Horse Awards for its supposed lack of professionalism, Best Actor nominee Sean Lau, who lost the accolade to Chinese actor Chen Jianbin, stated that he has no issue at all with the result.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actor, who attended a magazine event on 2 December alongside Louis Koo and Andrew Lau, said that he has read the report about Gong Li’s statement, but felt that everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

“For myself, I don’t really mind,” said Sean, who was nominated for his performance in “The White Storm”. “Of course I would be happy if I won [any award], but I would not be too disappointed if I didn’t.”
“I never think much about the votes. I went there to participate as a nominee, and support it. That’s all,” he said.
Asked if he thought Gong Li was being petty, the actor replied, “You have to ask her manager.”
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