Having a pair of fake size 38G breasts for her previous comedy, “Golden Chickensss”, was not enough for comedy actress Sandra Ng, as she has now decided to become a hunk with washboard abs!

According to ET Today, the actress has recently been transformed into a ripped gigolo for her newly produced movie, “12 Golden Ducks”, which centres on the topic of male escorts.

Talking about her fake abs, Sandra revealed that it was created by the same Thai artist who created her fake bust.
“Last time, we emphasised on the chest, but this time around, it’s about the upper body. So I had to work hard on my diet and exercise,” said the actress.
The reason for this, said Sandra, is because the muscular body skin has a certain thickness that requires her to be in a certain body size so as not to make it seemed swollen.
“Just like the other male models, I had to eat only chicken and vegetables. The end result is incredible,” she enthused.
However, Sandra admitted she still felt embarrassed about wearing skin suit as it made her feel naked, and joked, “Although I look like all the other male models, I am different from them. I didn’t have to train for the body. I just have to spend a few hours to draw on the skin!”
It was reported that the actress will be playing her friendship card to get her celebrity friends such as Leon Lai, Shawn Yue, Chapman To, Eric Tsang, Nicholas Tse, and Eason Chan to guest star.