Roger Kwok Chilam Cheung
Despite this being his third time winning the TV King award, Roger Kwok was still nervous as he approached the stage and gave his speech.

The actor, who won the award for his role as the wheelchair-bound lawyer in “Black Heart White Soul”, received over 60 percent of combined votes from viewers and professional judges alike.

In his speech, the actor expressed his love for his family, and said, “When I dropped my son off at school earlier today, I told him that I won’t be home tonight because I have to attend the awards ceremony. He reminded me to bring home all the awards.”
The actor continued, saying that he told his son that he has already won, as his son’s birth as well as his daughter’s have helped Roger to lessen his negative traits and helped him to let his emotions flow freely.
He thanked his wife, Cindy Au, and his children for their love and support.
Aside from winning TV King for the second time this year, after winning a similar award at Star Awards Malaysia 2014, it is also the third time Roger won the title for TVB Awards, after winning the first time for “Square Pegs” in 2003, and “Life Made Simple” in 2005.
Julian Cheung, who presented the award to Roger, decided to tease the nominees before announcing the winner, by saying that a person can also win an award in his absence, making the audience believe that Raymond Lam, who did not attend the ceremony, might have won.
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