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Who says Santa Claus only brings Christmas gifts to little kids? Well, okay, maybe these celebs weren’t asking for anything, seeing that they already own everything they could possibly want and need (sideline: what do you give to somebody who has everything anyway? #stumpedforxmasgifts). 

Maybe this year, all they want for Christmas is – an Insta with Santa!

And based on these pics, everyone must have not been naughty, but nice, because the jolly bearded-elf-in-red happily grants each of these celebs their wish.
Take a look at some of the most adorable Christmas Instagram snaps of celebs with Santa this year:
Katy Perry and a merry Santa
(Photo source: instagram.com/katyperry).
Designer Jeremy Scott recruits Kat Perry into his insta
shot with Santa (Photo source: instagram.com/itsjeremyscott).
Once again Katy – oh, wait, that’s her showbiz twinsies,
Zooey Deschanel! (Photo source: instagram.com/zooeydeschanel).
Poppy Delevingne shows off her model gams in an Elsa
getup alongside Santa (Photo source: instagram.com/poppydelevingne).
Okay, those are Santa figurines but Kylie Minogue still seems happy posing
with them and designer Steffano Gabbana (Photo source: instagram.com/kylieminogue).
Again Kylie Minogue can’t find the real deal but art director Sofia
Sanchez Barrenechea doesn’t seem to mind (Photo source: instagram.com/kylieminogue).
The faces Heidi Klum and Santa made after both confessed
to have been naughty this year *gasps* (Photo source: instagram.com/heidiklum).
Not an insta snap but Boyzone’s Keith Duffy is nothing
but merry in this family pic with Santa (Photo source: evoke.ie). 
Another ‘not insta’ but former Westlife member, Nicky Bryne, sums up
the Santa snaps perfectly here with his cheery thumbs-up (Photo source: evoke.ie).
(Main photo source: instagram.com/itsjeremyscott)