IMG 7945
dal.komm COFFEE – a Korean café franchise – recently held a grand opening at its Uptown, Damansara Utama branch on 29 November 2014.
The grand opening was graced by the presence of a Korean quartet well-known for their soothing and soulful ballads, with music perfect for a café’s ambience. In fact, it is Jokwon’s wish that dal.komm COFFEE would play 2AM’s songs more.
dal.komm COFFEE treated 100 of its customers, chosen via lucky draw, to a 2AM Fan Signing and Greeting Session on the same day. 달콤 (dal kom) a.k.a. ‘sweet’ indeed!

dal.komm currently has two branches in Malaysia: 1) Uptown and 2) D’Pulze Shopping Centre, Cyberjaya; with a third one opening soon at the recently opened IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. To know more about this ‘sweet’ sensation, visit
In the meantime, check out these photos of Jokwon, Changmin, Seulong and Jinwoon of 2AM at dal.komm COFFEE Grand Opening:
IMG 7780
2AM during the ribbon cutting ceremony.
IMG 7861
2AM’s leader, Jokwon.
IMG 7875
2AM’s main vocalist, Changmin, holding one
of dal.komm’s best-sellers: Honey Grapefruit.
IMG 7867
2AM’s vocalist, Seulong.
IMG 7896
2AM’s ‘maknae’ a.k.a. youngest member, Jinwoon.
IMG 7918
2AM answering questions.
IMG 7933
Jinwoon and Jokwon listening intently.
IMG 7934
Changmin looks around at the café’s
beautiful interior as Seulong talks. 
IMG 7944
The four members of 2AM.
IMG 3217
A lucky fan’s personally autographed picture of 2AM.