The secret surrounding the identity of Stephen Chow’s new film’s lead actress is out, and it turns out to be Chinese newcomer, Lin Yun.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, the 18-year-old Zhejiang-born model is said to have been selected by Stephen and his casting team over 120,000 participants due to her demure personality.

Reportedly, throughout the 13 casting-training period, Lin Yun caught the casting team’s eyes for being very calm and collected while other participants tried their hardest to steal the spotlight.
According to Lin Yun, she entered the audition at her friends’ recommendation, and has always admired Stephen Chow.
“I wanted to try something new,” she said.
Lin Yun has recently begun filming “Mermaid” with Stephen Chow by her side, performing various challenges under the comedy man’s tutelage.
“Mermaid” is tentatively scheduled for release on Lunar New Year 2016.
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