Myolie Wu has set tongues wagging when she unexpectedly received a bouquet of roses at the airport on her way to Singapore.

As reported on On CC News, the actress, who was scheduled to attend a promotional event for her new series “Lady Sour” in the country, was confused when she was handed a bouquet of red roses at the airline counter.

Attached together with the bouquet is a large card that read: “Lady Sour Myolie Wu will break viewership ratings. It will become an international sensation!”- Mr. R”
When asked who Mr. R is, the surprised Myolie made a guess that it might be her co-star Ron Ng, though added, “But he’s not that nice. Maybe it’s from my girlfriends who wanted to joke around.”
Myolie also denied being in a relationship. “It’s not true [that I’m dating]. I am very touched by the gesture, but it would be better without the card.”
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