Hong Kong actor Michael Hui, who previously revealed that he will be returning to the director’s seat after 18 years, recently stated that the upcoming project has been postponed until June next year.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, the actor, who appeared at an event with Philip Chan recently, stated that the movie “Tiger Hunting Game” had to delay its production, which was originally scheduled for this month, due to issues concerning the special effects.

However, the actor said that he is still pumped about directing and starring in the new movie, and revealed that he will be playing a villain this time around.
Michael also revealed that he will be using his Christmas vacation for scriptwriting instead.
“Writing a script, directing, and starring in a movie will be a complex task, but I quite enjoy them. I used to say to people that I will spend my retirement fishing, playing tennis, and making movies. So that’s what I will do. As long as I am still walking, I will continue to make movies,” said Michael.