Questionable statements which were released through Chinese actor Lin Gengxin’s official Weibo page recently, as well as several leaked work emails, has been confirmed to be the work of a hacker.

As reported on Sina News, several weird messages were posted on Lin’s Weibo page, including one that reads: “Though you broke my heart, it’s not a big deal to me. You may hate me very much, but I will love you anyway, my husband!”

Good friend Wang Sicong was also tagged in the post, sparking rumours that the two of them were a gay couple.
However, Wang later re-posted the message, and revealed that the account has been hacked.
The “Young Detective Dee” actor later confirmed Wang’s statement, saying that his account was stolen by someone while he was out watching a movie.
Aside from his Weibo, Lin also revealed that his email has been hacked as well.
The actor stated, “My Weibo, BBS, and personal email have all been hacked. Not only my reputation is damaged, confidential documents such as movie scripts, contracts, as well as business plans in the email box were also exposed.”
Lin stated that the act is no longer considered a prank, but an act of infringement towards him and various productions.
The hacker had since made an apology through his own Weibo account, stating that the act was just his way to warn celebrities of online risks, though it is not known whether he will be charged or not.
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