Chinese actor-turned-philanthropist Li Yapeng has recently been honoured for his work on the Smile Angel Foundation.

According to Mingpao News, Li was recently named one of 2014’s CCTV Most Charitable Figures at the CCTV Charity Night, in recognition of not only his work for the foundation, that was established to help children born with clefts, but also his continuous effort despite being surrounded by negative news involving his personal life as well as his charity work.

Previously, Li, whose marriage with songstress Faye Wong ended after eight years, faced various rumours about his supposed affair with a younger actress, as well as speculations of embezzlement concerning the foundation’s fund.
The foundation, founded in 2006 by Li and his then wife Faye, was named after their daughter Li Yan, who was born in the same year with a cleft lip.
Receiving a lot of congratulatory wishes from friends and fans alike, Li recently turned to his Weibo and said, “The award is not as significant when there are truer things [in life]. I believe that there is some kind of force that is kept in people’s support.”
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