Hong Kong singer Leo Ku recently dismissed rumours saying that he was paid a hefty deal for his participation on the popular all-stars singing competition, “I Am A Singer 3”.

As reported on Mingpao News, the singer was previously rumoured to have been paid RMB 1.6 million (approximately USD 258,352) for his participation in the show due to his seniority and popularity.

However, Leo, who attended a concert held in Times Square recently, denied the amount, and stated, “The rumoured amount is too high, but I will not disclose the actual remuneration.”
The singer also said that he is not worried about being in the competition with other singers, saying, “I don’t really care about the rankings, but my Mandarin isn’t very good, so that’s a big challenge for me.”
Meanwhile, the singer, who married his assistant Lorraine in Las Vegas last July, revealed that his Hong Kong wedding banquet will have to be held after April 2015, since he will be busy with the competition for the time being.
(Photo source: jaynestars.com)