Hong Kong singer Karena Lam has agreed to appear in three music videos for legendary singer Jacky Cheung after not working together in 18 years.

According to Oriental Daily, Lam was present at the opening event of Cheung’s music video for his first album in seven years, where they talked about her appearing in his next music videos.

“When I asked her, she said “Yes!”. She said yes to everything,” Cheung shared, while teasing Lam for being silly by agreeing to everything he said.
“At first I didn’t know I was going to appear in three music videos and I just said “Yes!” After shooting for more than a few days then I realised that I had to shoot three, but I was alright with it,” Lam said. 
Lam’s first music video was in Cheung’s “Love Letter” which had a kissing scene and they are expected to lock lips again in the latest music videos.
When asked about having to kiss Cheung again after 18 years, Lam playfully brushed her lips and said: “Finally!” 
(Photo source: life.itust.cn)