Having released her new album “Play” recently, Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai revealed that she has chosen feminism as the concept of her performance this time around.

According to Mingpao News, the singer stated, “The concept really is about feminism, to remind women that they should be confident to do things on their own and cherish their own quality.”

The singer, who also worked with Hong Kong actress Carina Lau in one of her music videos, stated that the actress herself is a good representation of women empowerment.
“I really appreciate the way she conducts herself. It’s really attractive to me,” said Jolin.
“Everybody will realise, in the process of their growth, that self-confidence is very important. So I encourage fans, especially women, to be proud of their achievements, to escape the confines of patriarchy, and not to be dependent on others,” the singer added.
However, Jolin admitted that there will always be some innocence in her character when she is with boyfriend, Vivian Dawson.
“When you see each other, there is always that eagerness to be cute with the other half!” she said.
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