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Though he is known as the Master of Aesthetic Violence for his various action movies, Hong Kong director John Woo said that he is actually a peaceful man in real life.

In an interview with Tencent Entertainment recently, John, who is currently busy promoting his new film “The Crossing”, stated that filmmakers and audiences alike gave the title to him for their love of his action films.

“In fact, I personally do not like violence and I don’t think that violence is an aesthetic,” said John.
He continued, “When I shoot an action movie, I often try to make it romantic, and express that there is friendship, a kind of heroism in the work, and make it poetic. That’s just my personal preference.”
Expressing his love for action movies, rather than violence itself, John stated, “Action movies is the world’s most easily recognised films. Audiences in different countries may not understand your culture, but they will understand the action.”
In regard to making the love story “The Crossing”, John said that he wanted to prove that a Chinese movie can have a Hollywood quality production. 
“Hollywood is not the only one that can make such films. We also have this capability,” said John.
When asked if there is another genre he would like to try, John replied, “Martial arts. Making a martial arts film is one of my dreams and I hope to have an opportunity to do so in the future.”
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