Jacky Cheung’s new Mandarin album has been set for release this coming 23 December, according to Hong Kong’s Sina News.

The singer, whose last Mandarin album was released seven years ago, recently revealed that the new album, “Wake Up Dreaming”, was originally scheduled for an October release, but was postponed to December due to internal issues.

“Thus, this Christmas, I will be flying off to Taiwan to promote the new album,” said the singer.
Jacky also revealed that the new album has been recorded in three different studios in the UK, the US, and Beijing, adding, “99 percent of the songs are all recorded live. The quality of the music is very high.”
Asked whether he is finally satisfied with the album, Jacky stated, “I think it’s okay, because it took a lot of time to make.”
“I would always ask the producer to re-do the mix when I was unsatisfied with it. I must have been such a troublesome person,” he laughed.
(Photo source: yibada.com)