A cinematographer was killed during the shooting of Jackie Chan’s new film, “Skiptrace”.
According to CRI News, the man, 51-year-old Chan Kwok Hung, was among the eight-member crew who was filming on a boat off the coast of Lantau Island on 16 December, when it capsized, causing everyone on board to fall into the water.

Jackie reportedly was standing on the shore as it happened and had jumped into the sea to save Chan, but was unable to find him.

His unconscious body was later found, but was pronounced dead at the hospital. 
Seven others, however, managed to swim to the shore.
On 17 December, Jackie turned to his Weibo to express his sorrow about the turn of event, saying that he felt guilty and remorseful for failing to rescue Chan.
Chan was a 20-year veteran in the film industry and had worked as a cinematographer in many films, including Stephen Chow’s 1996 comedy, “God of Cookery”. 
(Photo source: shenchuang.com)