December has not been a good month for Jackie Chan. After his cinematographer Chan Kwok Hung’s death, caused by a boat accident during filming last week; and son Jaycee Chan’s recent indictment, the action superstar himself has now suffered an injury while performing stunts for his upcoming film, “Skiptrace”.

According to Oriental Daily News, on 21 December, the actor was reportedly working on an action scene that required him to make a jump when he accidentally slipped and hit on an iron. The accident left him with several cracked ribs on the right side of his body.

Nonetheless, rather than taking a rest, the actor endured the pain and continued filming in order not to delay production, thus, severing the injury to the extent that it hurt him even when he sneezed.
When asked about the injury, Jackie stated that he did not mention it to anyone at first, as he thought that it was minor compared to the loss of Chan Kwok Hung.
In another interview, the actor stated that he has already received treatment, but will not move a lot in order to stabilise the injured area.
He added that he had also aggravated an old foot injury during filming.
(Photo source: zimbio.com)