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Hollywood actor Jack Black was down in Kuala Lumpur with his other half (band member) Kyle Glass on 1 December 2014, giving audiences a taste of his comedic skills via Tenacious D.

Despite being held on a Monday night at the KL Life Centre, the American comedy-rock band’s first ever show in Malaysia as part of the Urbanscapes Satellite show drew a decent crowd of around two thousand.
The 90-minute show started around 9.10pm, after local band Kyoto Protocol performed a mash-up medley of ‘the best love songs of our time’. 
Playing hits from their previous albums as well as those heard in their 2006 movie, “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny”, audiences were treated to Tenacious D’s staple song, “Tribute”, at the very start of the show, followed by 20 other songs that included, “Dude (I Totally Miss You)”, “Kickapoo”, “Rize of the Fenix”, “The Metal” and more. 
When the show concluded at 11pm, Jack Black in all of his shirtless glory with Kyle Glass came out to the stage once again to talk to fans and sign autographs. Black even donned a mask to act out his “Nacho Libre” character. 
As the satellite shows for this year are finally brought to a close by Tenacious D, the main Urbanscapes festival is set to take place this weekend, Saturday, 6 December 2014 at Genting Highlands.
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Jack Black belting out a tune.
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Kyle Glass looking out to the crowd.
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The band’s first show in Malaysia was a hilarious one.
A shirtless Jack Black came back to the stage after the show to surprise fans.
(Photo: Wessley C. A. Danker)

 (Photos Credit: All Is Amazing)