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Great news to all the Form 6 students out there – the Education Ministry has announced that for the new school term in 2015, the Form 6 students will no longer have to wear school uniforms and will have a more relaxed and casual dress code. (Yay!)


BUT… there is a catch! Though they can say ‘buh-bye’ to the uniforms, they still need to comply with the proper dress code set by the government. (What?)


First of all, according to The Star, male students are allowed to only wear light-coloured shirts and ankle-length slacks to school. Also, the slacks they wear cannot be tight. No floral designed shirts are allowed, only stripes and checked patterns, but the students are allowed to wear any colour of shirts that they want.

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The male students are allowed to wear belts to school, but the belt buckles cannot be more than 5cm in size. Plus, absolutely no denim clothing is allowed!

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The female students will have more variety in choice. They are allowed to wear sleeved-blouses, long pants, long skirts, maxi dresses, pant suits. Any skirts and pants with hemlines below the knee are good to go, but jeans, cargo pants, shorts, leggings and anything that is tight, are a big NO!

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Of course, the ladies are always encouraged to wear the traditional attire like Baju Kurung, but the traditional Cheong Sam and Baju Kebaya are not allowed for being too ‘dressy’ for school. (They also show off your body curve!)

Did we mention that students are also encouraged to wear batik?

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For the footwear, the male students MUST wear shoes with socks while the female students can only wear shoes that completely cover their feet. (Meaning; no slippers, clogs or sandals in school, boys and girls!)

One more thing, the Education Ministry’s director-general Datuk Seri Dr Khair Mohamad Yusof also mentioned that, “The students will not be allowed to wear t-shirts when they attend classes.”

However, they are allowed to wear short or long-sleeved t-shirts and track pants for outdoor activities but any tees with “political, violent, vulgar or any negative images” are banned!

Though we are not sure how the students feel about the new school dress code (is like you’re free to choose from many options and yet you’re not with the limited ruling) but we are certain that the MIC Youth is not happy about the new rule.

In a statement released yesterday as quoted by The Star, “The purpose of wearing uniforms to schools is to eliminate individual choices and will lead to no conflicts between students and teachers. Is ones clothes too tight fitting or too loose? What is classified as vulgar? Above all, casual wear in schools will not have any relevant impact on the overall standard of education.”

Do you agree with the statement above? Nevertheless, Khair also stated that the students can always go back to the old school regulation by wearing the school uniforms!

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