Feng Shaofeng recently attended the press conference of his new film, “The Monkey King 2”, on a wheelchair, after an accident that occurred on the set of the film.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor was revealed to have fallen from a horse on 22 December while filming the movie at the Wuxi Studios. It was said that the horse, an Australian pure-bred, was agitated by the cameras and equipment surrounding the set, causing Feng to fall down as he tried to ride it.

Feng was allegedly unconscious as he was transferred to the Wuxi Chinese Medical Centre, where he was given necessary treatment.
However, when asked about the accident during the press conference, Feng stated that he was playing around with the horse and sprained his leg when he accidentally fell down from the horse.
“I wanted to appear cool on stage today, but my legs are a little bit numb,” he joked. “But I am touched that the others were keen on helping me.”