A recent porn video clip uploaded by an irresponsible individual has been circulating on the Internet, claiming renowned Malaysian actress, TV host and socialite, Fazura as the person in the video.

However, the actress who is currently stars in her own reality show on E! Channel, “Keeping Up with Fazura”, denies that she has anything to do with the video.

“I have never been involved in any porn videos. I have already received advice from lawyers and I will not hesitate to take action against the culprit of the video,” said the 31-year-old artiste as quoted  in Harian Metro.

Apparently, this not the first time that Fazura has been framed, previously, she was also the victim of a similar accusation.

The one-minute long video was spread out through emails to reporters last Tuesday, 23 December 2014. The video shows a woman who looks like Fazura, performing indecent acts with an unidentified man.

(Photo source: thestar.com.my)