Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is delighted with the successful rating of her newly produced drama, “The Empress of China”, which broke the record as the highest-rated premiere of a drama in China, according to YCWB News.

But more importantly, the actress, who also stars as the titular character, revealed that Empress Wu’s journey is similar to her own struggle in the industry.

“The drama exudes positive energy,” said Fan. “The character Wu Zetian entered the palace when she was a young girl, experiencing various obstacles before becoming an empress.”
The actress stated that the drama has everything that appeals to the audience; from blood and tears, sadness and pain, to laughter and happiness.
“I think it’s an encouraging story that can create a positive aura for the younger audience,” she added.
The series also stars Aarif Lee, Kathy Chow, and Chang Ting.