An Indonesian family of 10 avoided being part of the vanished AirAsia flight QZ8501 as they mistook the boarding time of the flight from Surabaya that was bound for Singapore.

Ari Putro Cahyono and his nine family members said that he missed reading an email that notified the change of the flight’s departure, as reported by

Ari and his family was at Surabaya’s Juanda International Airport 10 minutes after QZ8501 departed at 5.30am.

Initially, the flight was scheduled for 7.20am.

As the family was negotiating their next flight, an airport official approached the family saying, “This must have been the best Christmas gift your family ever received. The flight you were supposed to be on has crashed.”

Recalls Christianawati, Ari’s wife, “We felt completely limp, the whole family. It was like we’d lost our spirit,” quoted Fairfax Media.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the family was supposed to be on holiday in Singapore, but upon finding out in the airport that flight QZ8501 had gone missing, the family decided to cancel the whole trip and pass on boarding the next flight to Singapore.

The family with 5 children were planning to go to Universal Studios Singapore.

“I just remember those people who we saw running to the last call,” added Ari. “I hope they find them. I really hope search and rescue finds them soon.”

Photo Source: Sydney Morning Herald