New Hong Kong director, Lee Kuan Yew, was full of praises for Sean Lau, the lead star of his upcoming film, for his professionalism on set.

As reported on HK Top Ten News, the director, who is currently filming “Insanity”, co-starring Huang Xioaming, and Fiona Sit, stated that the former never showed any signs of discomfort or inconvenience every time the production is held back due to miscalculation.

“Once, Sean had to wait five to six hours after make-up. I asked the assistant director to apologise to him for our mistake, but he said, “Don’t be ridiculous. It’s normal to wait in a film production. Work comes first!” His understanding touches me so much,” said Lee.
In “Insanity”, Sean plays the role of a schizophrenic man who, after killing his wife, accepted treatment from a psychiatrist (Huang Xiaoming) in order to return to society. However, a series of murders began taking place after his release.
When asked why he chose mental illness as the subject of his film, Lee stated that he is very curious about the subject.
“I spend three to four years researching the subject, because there is no conclusion about various kinds of mental illnesses in the medical world. I like this kind of mystery,” said Lee.