Following reports that both Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu will be producing a new series entitled “Badlands” (working title) for a US cable channel, AMC, it was revealed recently that the latter will be playing the lead role as well.

According to Deadline, the series, which is loosely-based on the Chinese tale “Journey to the West”, tells the story of a ruthless warrior named Sunny, who embarked on a journey across a dangerous land alongside a young boy in their quest to find enlightenment.

Daniel, who is known for his acting work such as “That Demon Within” and “Tai Chi Zero”, will be playing the role named Sunny in the upcoming direct-to-series martial arts drama.
Daniel stated, “I am excited for the opportunity to bring this character to life.”
In addition to Daniel, other cast members include Emily Beecham (“28 Weeks Later”), Sarah Bolger (“The Tudors”), and Oliver Stark (“My Hero”). The series will be directed by David Dobkin of “Shanghai Knights” fame.
(Photo source: thepcprinciple.com)