Hong Kong singer Andy Hui has indirectly admitted that he and Sammi Cheng are already married, Asian Universe reported.

Previously, Sammi’s father, who held a calligraphy celebration, was given a congratulatory flower basket from Andy, who addressed it to him as father in-law – triggering speculations about the couple’s relationship status yet again.

When asked to comment about the title, Andy, who attended Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards recently, stated that he asked Sammi to prepare the flowers for him as he was busy with work.
“I didn’t know what was written on it. But that was quite okay,” he said.
Andy also admitted that he has started calling Mr. Cheng ‘dad’, like the man’s own children.
Asked if he and Sammi are already married, Andy said, “It’s okay as long as the two of us know it and we’re both happy. [Marriage] is just a word.”
He was also candid when asked about his preparation to celebrate their one-year marriage anniversary, saying, “Nothing special.”
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