Many theories have arisen regarding the recent plane tragedy of AirAsia QZ8501. However, air crash experts have confirmed that the plane did not explode in mid-air.

After six bodies and the first pieces of debris were found yesterday, experts claimed that the plane may have hit the Java Sea and broke apart due to the strong impact which cause the bodies and debris to scatter all over the ocean, reports The Star.

John Cox, who is a retired American airline pilot said, “I am now seeing doors and reports of a large section located on the sea floor which are indicators, but not conclusive evidence, that the plane was in one piece when it hit the ocean.”

“If the wingtips, nose and tail are found in the same area, then it will be conclusive that the plane was intact upon impact with the water,” he added.

With 155 passengers on board, the plane which left from Surabaya on the way to Singapore went missing on 28 December 2014 and the wreckage was found yesterday, 2 days later.

Recovery teams are still doing a massive search for the plane pieces and bodies.

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