The iconic A&W drive-through in Petaling Jaya might be demolished soon, but A&W lovers will have six reasons to wipe those tears away. The retro food chain will be opening six new outlets nationwide!

A&W (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd will be opening six new branches in Penang, East Coast, Johor and Kuala Lumpur, as reported by The Malaysian Insider.

A&W, named after its founders Roy Allen’s and Frank Wright’s last initials, first opened its doors in June 1919 at California, U.S.A. But it was only in 1963 that it was brought over to Malaysia by Mr. and Mrs. Lie Boff. It then became the first ever fast food outlet in Malaysia and Asia. 
Don’t worry, A&W’s Coney Dog and iconic
root beer will be back (Photo source: groupon.my).
It was reported that the fast food chain was facing an increasingly tough financial situation this year and has decided to close down 34 of its outlets, 24 in Malaysia and 10 in Thailand. With the six new outlets that will be opened all over Malaysia, the company hopes to revamp its business.
“These new outlets are part of the company’s expansion plans to face the stiff competition in the fast food industry,” A&W Malaysia’s chief executive officer Samad Mohd Shariff said during the UMNO General Assembly 2014. 
“We are confident that A&W Malaysia would be able to compete with other major fast food players in the near future.”
Samad also confirmed that the PJ outlet will be relocated by the end of next year to a nearby location, which is the ground floor of one of the towers that A&W Malaysia owner, KUB Malaysia Bhd, will be building.
(Photo source: says.com)