Do you still remember the popular cartoon television series from the ’90s? You know, the all-time favourites: “Tom & Jerry”, “Flintstones”, “Looney Tunes”, “Barney”, and Disney’s Mickey Mouse and the gang series. Yep, those cartoons are really unforgettable.

Here in Malaysia, we also have some memorable cartoon series that we love to watch as kids. Though our TV screen nowadays often showcase international cartoons, those from the ’90s will surely remember the local cartoon series that used to be shown on screen.
Not to mention, Malaysia’s cartoon industry is now doing quite a good job with local animated series,“Upin Ipin”. It is becoming quite a craze among the children in Malaysia.
Anyway, let’s go back to the past and revisit some of the famous local cartoon series that used to be a craze among Malaysians!

Di Mana Joe Jambul

This series is a learning and entertainment programme which tested general and geographical knowledge of primary school students.
So what is so interesting about this? Joe Jambul is a criminal who is famous for his pompadour hairstyle. Joe is assisted by his criminal friends, consisting of a scientist, a bomb expertise, a computer expertise and more, to help him commit his crime.
The most interesting segment of the programme is the last part where contestants have to memorise the geographical location of countries in the world and answer the questions by putting lamp posts on the world map given to them.
The host of the show was Norzizi Zulkifli, who is now an actress in Malaysia.  

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“A.L.O.N.G..Along!” Another unforgettable learning and entertainment TV programme that was a hit among the kids in the ’90s.
Along is kind of like the Malaysian version of Barney. But, he is not a dinosaur, he is a cat. Along has two younger cat siblings, Angah and Acik, who are also the main characters of the show (similar to BJ and Baby Bop from Barney).
The show had Along, Angah and Acik accompanied by a couple of primary school kids who helped them deliver each segment of the show.
The most unforgettable part of the programme is the multiplication segment where Siti Sifir, one of the kids from the show, taught the viewers multiplication by singing. The way she did it was so catchy and fun which made it easier for children to learn multiplication.

Anak-anak Sidek

This animation series is a semi-biography of Haji Sidek’s children who became badminton champions in Malaysia. The five Sidek siblings are Misbun, Razif, Jailani, Rahman and Rashid Sidek. The cartoon series is based on the real life of the Sidek brothers.
The film follows the brothers’ everyday life going through tough and strict badminton training imposed by their father, Haji Sidek.
Haji Sidek’s hardwork truly paid off when Malaysia won the Thomas Cup back in 1992. Now, the five brothers continued their father’s legacy by becoming badminton coaches. Not only that, even the grandchild of Haji Sidek, Misbun Ramdan, has become a national badminton player.
Other than the cartoon series, there is also the “Anak-anak Sidek” comic series, which is famous among the school kids during that time.

Keluang Man

In America, they have Batman, Spiderman and Superman. In Malaysia, we have the famous superhero Keluang Man (who sort of looks like a copycat of Batman).
Keluang Man is the first animation series which uses 2D animation with 3D background. If you think Batman is cool because he is a rich and handsome dude. Then Keluang Man is way cooler because he is actually a patient from a mental hospital called Hospital Tampoi. (How cool is that?)
Like Batman, he too had his own trusty sidekick named Tiung Man who assisted him in wiping out the crimes in Malaysia.
However, the series was forced to stop after airing for three years due to economy crisis in 1998.

Usop Sontorian

We bet some of you guys still remember the cartoon series “Usop Sontorian”, which tells the life of Usop, a typical village boy, and his adventures with his group of friends from different races:  Dol, Abu, Singh, Ah Kim and Vellu. Let’s not forget that Usop also has a pet Rooster named Selebet.
“Usop Sontorian” came out in 1994 and was the first animation series to be shown in Malaysia. The series was not only famous in Malaysia but also became quite a hit during Hiroshima Asian Animation Festival in 1996 at Japan. The series managed to get attention because it promoted Malaysia as a country rich in culture, race and religion.