Comedy actor Wong Cho Lam has finally popped the question.
According to On CC News, more than millions of viewers witnessed the “Come On, Cousin!” star proposing to his lady love, Leanne Li, at the 48th TVB Anniversary Awards on 19 November.

The actor kneeled down on stage with a bouquet of roses, accompanied by his co-stars Louis Cheung, Bob Lam, and Ram Chiang, and made a beautiful speech about their relationship.

Wong expressed, “We are two different kinds of people. I was only a children’s programme host, and you were Miss Chinese International. I’m very short and you’re very tall. I’m very complex and you’re innocent. I’m thankful to God that we met each other.”
“We will face lots of tribulations in love. But we didn’t rush it since we were friends and have dated for years. Our love and sacrifices for each other have proven to me that no matter how hard it was to pursue you at first, I would be forever happy if you were to marry me.”
Wong also made fun of Leanne’s eagerness as she took off her original ring and replaced it with Wong’s three-carat diamond band, saying, “You have to tell me whether you accept my proposal or not before taking it off.”
In an interview later on, Wong revealed that he had waited for a long time to pop the question and had planned the proposal for two weeks.
(Photo source: hk.on.cc)