Comedy actor Wong Cho Lam has recently confirmed rumours of his upcoming wedding in Hong Kong’s Disneyland.

As reported on On CC News, the actor, who proposed to girlfriend Leanne Li on live TV during the TVB Anniversary Gala on 19 November, revealed that he and the former beauty queen will first hold their ceremony on 14 February 2015 at a grand church with 4000 guests.

They will also be holding a reception at the Hong Kong Disneyland the day after, and will be joined by 600 guests.
Asked if he is not worried about the cost of such a lavish celebration, Wong said, “Money is not important. It is more important that my fiancée is happy and the guests can celebrate it with us.”
Wong revealed that he has already booked the party in Disneyland a month ahead of his proposal to Leanne, after getting the approval from Leanne’s parents.
(Photo source: hot-news-asian.blogspot.com)