While the 48th TVB Anniversary Gala ended with a good note on 19 November, with Wong Cho Lam’s marriage proposal becoming the highlight of the event, it was revealed that the Hong Kong Communications Authority has received ten complaints from viewers about the annual TV event.

According to Mingpao News, most of the complaints were about the stars’ dresses, as many of them wore low-cuts and backless dresses that showed off their legs and cleavage – deemed unsuitable for public TV.

Aside from criticisms about celebrities’ style, many also complained about the show’s content being dull and dreary, and was badly produced.
In regard to Wong Cho Lam’s surprise proposal to Leanne Li – while it was a touching moment for the couple as well as the audience at the event, viewers cast their suspicion about the proposal’s supposed ‘surprise’ nature.
Some said that Leanne has recently discussed about her wedding preparation in an interview with a wedding magazine prior to the event, and doubt that the proposal was surprising to her.
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