TVB Sales Presentation 2015
TVB has recently held its annual Sales Presentation to promote their upcoming drama line-up for next year.

As reported on On CC News, even with the continuous flight of its artistes – this year includes Raymond Lam and Matthew Ko, as well as the competition from Ricky Wong’s HKTV, the company’s line-up for next year still boasts big names and interesting projects.

Kevin Cheng, who had been busy filming mainland series for the past two years, will return with a new action drama “Eye in The Sky”, while Bobby Au Yeung, who last year filmed “Always and Ever” with Esther Kwan, will return with a new period drama “With or Without You” alongside Joey Meng and Alice Chan.
Meanwhile, movie star Anthony Wong, ’80s top TV star Kent Tong, and TV King Wayne Lai’s series, “Lord of Shanghai”, that just recently concluded filming, joined the Sales Presentation as well.
Aside from the comebacks, other series that were featured at the event include Charmaine Sheh’s “Empress”, Ada Choi’s “Eunuch outside the Palace”, as well as the big-budget Cheung Po Tsai drama “Captain of Destiny”, starring Tony Hung and Ruco Chan.
Unlike previous years, where drama trailers were presented to get advertisers’ interest before the actual filming began, this year, TVB only presented dramas which have entered production.
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