Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Ka Fai, who plays Wong Fei Hung’s father Wong Kei Ying in the upcoming film “Rise of the Legend”, revealed that he is in a way connected to the martial arts icon.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actor revealed that he once studied martial arts with Mok Kwai Lan in his youth, who was also the disciple of Wong Fei Hung.

“I studied two-fist and staff styles, including the Tiger Taming Fist with Mok,” said Tony.
Thus, the opportunity to play the father of his grandmaster delighted him very much. The actor enthused, “I felt very close to the character. I cherish it even more because of it and hope to give it justice.”
“Rise of the Legend” also marks the second time Tony works with main star Eddie Peng as father and son.
He said, “When I saw Eddie in a fight scene the first time, I was surprised. He wasn’t like the Wong Fei Hung I had imagined. But after studying the script in detail, I realise that he has done well in returning the character to his original form.”
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