Taiwanese director Sylvia Chang, who also helms the Golden Horse Awards as the Chairperson of the awards executive committee, has downplayed the criticisms made by Gong Li about the event.

As reported on Focus Taiwan, after hearing about the message that was sent by Gong’s agent, Zeng Jingchao, Sylvia dismissed it saying that the words were not from Gong herself.

She said, “These words came from her agent and not from Gong Li herself, so it’s not the same. Maybe it’s the agent’s idea to release this statement and defend his artiste.”
Meanwhile, according to AsiaOne, Sylvia further stated that all the 17 jury members involved in the selection have professional backgrounds.
The statement has sparked an online war between Gong Li’s fans and Taiwanese Netizens, with the former saying that the actress has the right to express her feelings while the latter accused her of being a sore loser.
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