ruco chan

Chan recently expressed his interest to sing more theme songs in the future,
especially for his own series.
to HK Headlines, the actor confessed his desire in a recent interview, saying,
“I have always loved singing. I have sung theme songs before and it seemed
that the viewers really liked it.”
didn’t get much opportunity to do so this year, but I will definitely say yes
if such opportunity arises again,” he enthused.
Ruco said that he doesn’t hope to become a professional singer like his peers,
Alfred Hui and Fred Cheng.
more important to entertain audiences and make them happy. I think it’s more
befitting for the actor themselves to sing the theme song of their
series,” said Ruco.
when asked to express his thoughts on rumours saying that the company is keen
on promoting him as the next big thing after Raymond Lam, Ruco replied,
“Every actor should work hard. There are lots of other stars that they can
promote as well.”

impossible to replace someone and my main focus right now is to perform well
and gain viewers’ trust,” he added.

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