Roger Kwok has proven that he still has the power to win viewers’ heart and grabbed My Favourite Actor at the recent TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014.

According to On CC News, the actor, who won the accolade for his role in “Black Heart White Soul”, thanked the company for the opportunity to push himself further through his role as the wheelchair-bound lawyer.

In his acceptance speech, Roger expressed, “When my colleagues came up to praise my performance, I would go to the restroom and shed a tear of happiness. I’m already honoured if I make an impact in your life. No matter what kind of award I receive, I will cherish it gratefully.”
He also thanked his co-stars Kristal Tin and Louis Cheung and praised their performances in the drama, and expressed his gratitude to his family for their love and support.
My Favourite Actress was won by Charmaine Sheh for her role in “Line Walker”, beating other competition including Linda Chung and Kate Tsui. The series also triumphed as the biggest winner of the night with more than five awards including My Favourite Supporting Actor and Actresses, as well as My Favourite Theme Song.
The winners of the TVB Star Awards Malaysia are as follows:
My Favourite Drama Series: “Line Walker”
My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role: Roger Kwok (“Black Heart White Soul”)
My Favourite Actress in a Leading Role: Charmaine Sheh (“Line Walker”)
My Favourite Actor in a Supporting Role: Benz Hui (“Line Walker”)
My Favourite Actress in a Supporting Role: Sharon Chan (“Line Walker”)
My Favourite On Screen Couple: Ruco Chan and Aimee Chan (“Outbound Love”)
My Favourite Most Improved Actor: Sammy Sum (“Line Walker”)
My Favourite Most Improved Actress: Samantha Ko (“Line Walker”)
My Favourite Informational TV Programme: “Wellness On The Go 2”
My Favourite TV Variety Programme: “Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk”
My Favourite TV Variety Hosts: Nancy Sit and Wong Cho Lam (“Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk”)
My Favourite TV Theme Song: “Love is Not Easy” by Jinny Ng (“Line Walker”)
TVB Malaysia Outstanding Newcomer: Fred Cheng
TVB Star Achievement Awards: Lau Kong and Helena Law
Top 15 My Favourite Characters:
1. Bosco Wong (“The Ultimate Addiction”)
2. Nancy Wu (“The Ultimate Addiction”)
3. Kate Tsui (“Tomorrow is a Better Day”)
4. Roger Kwok (“Black Heart White Soul”)
5. Charmaine Sheh (“Line Walker”)
6. Sharon Chan (“Line Walker’)
7. Benz Hui (“Line Walker”)
8. Him Law (“Tiger Cubs 2”)
9. Ruco Chan (“Outbound Love”)
10. Tavia Yeung (“Storm in a Cocoon”)
11. Michael Miu (“Line Walker”)
12. Raymond Lam (“Line Walker”)
13. Linda Chung (“All That is Bitter is Sweet”)
14. Kenneth Ma (“Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain”)
15. Selena Li (“Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain”)
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