Haven’t we seen enough of weird food hybrids already? There’s the ramen burger, cronut, pizza cakes, cragel, and now, we have another weird food to add to the list!

Meet ramnut, the offspring of ramen and doughnut! Created by Joshua Scherer, a 21-year-old political science major at UCLA and a food blogger of Culinary Bro-Down.


Known for his many modern food fusions such as spicy tuna corndog and ramen poutine, Scherer said that the unusual combination of recipe came to him while he was brainstorming on a ramen-based food hybrid, Mashable reports.

“Other food bloggers and recipe developers have done ramen burgers, ramen pizza, ramen lasagna, ramen tacos, but no one had done anything sweet before, so I figured I might as well go for it,” said the genius behind ramnut.

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If you are curious of how this unique dessert taste like, here’s what Scherer commented on his blog which was a finalist for Saveur magazine Best Food Blog Awards 2014, “They’re starchy, they’re crispy, they’re covered in frosting and stuffed with custard — that’s about all I can tell you.”


He also added, “I enjoyed them in my mouth, I enjoyed them a lot, but as we just discussed, that information is pretty much useless. I urge you to make them yourself and figure it out.”

So, you heard the man! If you want to know how it tastes like, here is the recipe.


(All photos taken from culinarybrodown.com)