After singing a parody of his hit duet with Rita Carpio, “You Needn’t Be Acquaintances to Meet with Each Other”, on TVB’s “Come on, Cousin!”, former ’90s hit singer Ram Chiang recently found himself being the centre of attention again, On CC News reported.

In “Come on, Cousin”, Ram plays the role of former singer Ko Yum, a drunk that lives on the very top floor of a building and works as a musician at the local funeral home. He is also the original founder of “No Association To Music Ltd.” record company.

In one of the scenes of the 12th episode, the former singer sang the parody of the hit song during a funeral scene, entitled, “You Needn’t Be Acquaintances to Burn Funeral Clothes”.
That particular scene had since turned viral in less than 24 hours, garnering new fans, with old ones urging him to make a music comeback.
His appearance in the episode has also boost viewership ratings, from the average 25 to average 26 peaking at 28 points.
(Photo source: skypost.hk)