Disney stars get some bling – in their mouth!
Grills are those odd, shiny (and expensive, you bet) accessories that celebs like to put on their teeth, probably to further anger the toothless hobo who lives on the curb right outside their mansion. 

While by now the world has accepted that grills are the jewelry of choice for most rappers and ‘hip-hop influenced’ celebs, seeing these shiny tooth-covers on beloved Disney characters is still something the world would’ve been better off not having had seen.

But the creative minds over at DesignCrowd wants the world to see this, so now everyone has to collectively stop their minds from imagining a pimped-out Olaf taking bright smiling selfies with Lil Wayne.
Be prepared to feast your eyes on these photos, courtesy of E! Online, of cute Disney faces sporting some serious bling on their chompers:
Olaf, beloved “Frozen” snowman, with silver and blue grills
that match his snowy white complexion perfectly.
Xzibit probably got the commission to pimp
this “Cars” star, Lightning McQueen.
Prince Eric probably gifted those to  match
“The Little Mermaid” princess Ariel’s gills.
When “Tangled” princess Rapunzel’s teeth
are as gold as her magical hair.
“Tarzan” would’ve been a very different movie as there is no
way Jane Porter would’ve gone anywhere near those.
Yo, Tinkerbell from “Peter Pan”, is
that fairy dust on your teeth?
Be the belle of the ball with these grills, says
“Beauty and the Beast” princess, Belle.
Adorable “The Lion King” cubs Simba and
Nala flashing their bright smiles. 
“Mulan” is going a little too far to prove
her unfeminine side here.
Resident “Toy Story” astronaut, Buzz Lightyear, is ready to go
“to Infinity…and beyond!” with those shining stars.
(Main photo credit: DesignCrowd.com)