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Bento art may have originated in Japan but the amazing craft is certainly catching on in other parts of Asia, including Singapore and Malaysia. Whether it’s created by awfully food enthusiasts or thoughtful mothers looking to jazz up their picky kid’s meal, a well put-together lunch box is always a visual and gastronomical treat for the lucky recipient. These stunning bento sets put together by Singaporeans and Malaysians are perfect for feasting your eyes on. Enjoy!

1. Bento Monsters – Singapore

How it all started: When her eldest son started primary school, stay-at-home mom Ming wanted to come up with a way to help him adjust to the longer hours at school. So she came up with the idea of preparing special bento lunches, which she packs along with notes to cheer him up.

Style: Character bentos or charabens including iconic Japanese cartoon character Totoro and Winnie the Pooh.

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2. Little Miss Bento – Singapore

How it all started: Bento making sprang from Shirley Wong’s (aka Little Miss Bento) love for Japanese culture and all things kawaii (cute).  She is an award-wining bento artist and cookbook author.

Style: Adorable Japanese character bento and traditional bento meals

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3. Samantha Lee – Malaysia

How it all started: How do you help your child stay focus on finishing their meals? For Samantha Lee, her solution was to make her two daughters can’t-take-your-eyes-off bento meals, which often surround a story or activity.

Style: Healthy story-themed bento meals

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4. Hong Yi – Malaysia

How it all started: While most of Hong Yi’s creation are not strictly bentos, the Malaysian artist does an amazing job of elevating food art to a different level.The creations featured here are part of the Malaysian artist & architect’s 31-day mission creative food art project.

Style: Arty food illustrations against a white plate.

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Article by: GrateNews.com