Over the weekend, a couple of Halloween costumed people uploaded several tactless and insensitive photos of them dressing up as the victims of MH370 and MH17 which ended up angering many Netizens from not only Malaysia but around the world.

Many are still not over the two major airplane tragedies that had befallen Malaysia’s national charter this year, but it seems to some that it’s OK to turn the tragedy to a Halloween celebration. (not cool, man!)

The photos that were posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook  (and were also shared quite a lot) were harshly condemmed and slammed by the majority of social media users who collectively deemed the action as ‘stupid and brainless’.

mh370 costume12

Some of the photos had been removed immediately after receiving the negative comments, but somehow they are still found online. Well like they say, what was once on the Internet, shall never be truly gone.






mh370 costume09

mh370 costume10

sgv 1


mh370 costume11